Pyatt: UFOs may be real — and may be the next attempt to divert attention from insurrection, Cheney’s ouster, etc. | COMMENTARY – Baltimore Sun

“60 Minutes” had a documentary of quite recent sightings on May 16, in which pilots made claims and there was some rather vivid camera images of these objects. The sober claims of these Navy pilots as reported in the piece (online text) with backup images claim: (1) incredible acceleration, estimated to be 600-700 g’s, (2) no visible sources of propulsion, (3) unbelievable maneuverability, (4) able to go underwater, and (5) capable of speeds up to 13,000 mps; another account is 25,000 mph. The gist of the 50-year experience is not as well documented, but it is consistent with these more recent findings.

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