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Helena-Montana was part of a UFO phenomenon that has been witnessed throughout the state.

Some people are convinced that UFOs are crafts from another world.

“I realized long ago that these weren’t our crafts, not humans,” said Richard O’Connor of Montana City.

Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, famous for its March 1967 UFO sightings, is said to have led to the closure of its nuclear warheads.

“One of the guards saw the light in the sky, then one of the gates in the control center saw a red light, and all of these missiles shut down,” said Cameron Logan, who hosts the My Alien Life podcast from Kalispell. Stated.

Montana UFO: The UFO Library looks up unexplained sightings throughout Montana

Helena’s Richard O’Connor was a friend of Major Marcel’s son, Dr. Jesse A. Marcel. This is the man believed to have found the remains of a so-called crashed UFO near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The son said his father showed him part of the crash.

“When I got to know Dr. Marcel as I did for quite a few years, I came to understand that his story couldn’t be wrong,” O’Connor said.

In 2012, O’Connor opened a library in Clancy, named after Dr. Marcel, a year before his death. It carries books on the subject and provides a place to talk about the subject.

“Really every town needs to have a place like this where people with these experiences can go, talk to others and discuss it without having to keep it all the time,” O’Connor said. Said.

Logan, who grew up in the Highline area, said that the people there lived with these strange phenomena as long as it was taken for granted.

“There was a cattle mutilation on the various ranches there, but after a while in the mid-1980s it was part of life and people saw and actually mentioned what was in the sky. No one paid much attention to what wasn’t there, and that was exactly the way it was, “Logan said.

It’s not yet known if the government is trying to admit these things, but people in the UFO community are pleased to take this issue seriously.

“You know that we have plans to provide more information in the future. We hope that we will not have to wait another 75 to a year for additional in-depth information about the phenomenon from those who know it. “O’Connor.

The government will publish a report on UFOs on June 25th.th..

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