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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) – A Tucson astronomer weighed in on the U.S. government’s Pentagon report released Friday, June 25, and the challenges that can come with investigating UFO sightings. Investigators reviewed 144 sightings in the report but government officials say no evidence of extraterrestrial activity was found. Nearly all the incidents remain unexplained.

“Are there foreign adversaries’ technologies involved in some of these sightings and that’s a concern?” said Chris Impey, a professor of astronomy at the University of Arizona.

He expected the report to be vague but says the information released may help break down the stigma often associated with reporting unexplained events.

“Many people in the military are a little embarrassed to report something they cannot explain or to say they may have seen an alien spacecraft,” Impey said.

The investigation said the limited amount of reporting makes it difficult to draw firm conclusions.

“Enough time, date, location and direction information that astronomers and scientists can interpret them better,” he said.

Impey says most extraterrestrial sightings happen in the United States, which leads to more questions.

“If the aliens wanted to reveal themselves to the powerful countries of the world, why don’t the Chinese see UFOs at the same rate?” he said.

Cartoons, movies and books have ingrained aliens and UFOs into American society through the years.

“Aliens are in the popular culture of this country and almost in the DNA of this country in a way they’re not elsewhere in the world,” Impey said.

A cultural attachment that he says can make investigating unexplained sightings that much more difficult.

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