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The blob, captured in a distant blurry video by a Navy pilot, appears to be gliding just above the ocean waves at improbable speeds, with no distinguishable means of propulsion or lift. “Oh my god,” one aviator tells another aviator, strangely laughing. “what is that?”

Is it a bird? airplane? Super drone? Something extraterrestrial?

The US government has closely monitored such unidentified flying objects. A report summarizing what the United States knows about “unidentified flying objects” (well known as UFOs) will be published as early as Friday.

Never remove the alien mask. Two officials who were briefed on the report said they could not find an extraterrestrial link to the sightings reported and captured in the video. The report does not exclude links to other countries, according to officials who said they were not authorized to discuss on condition of anonymity.

A wide range of conclusions are currently being reported, but the full report may give a broader picture of what the government knows. Expectations surrounding the report show that topics that are usually confined to science fiction and a small group of researchers who are often dismissed have become mainstream.

Concerned about national security threats from adversaries, lawmakers ordered investigations and public spending on phenomena that the government was reluctant to speak for generations.

“There’s something flying in our airspace,” Florida Senator Marco Rubio, one of the senators who asked for an investigation, recently told Fox News. “We don’t know what it is. We need to find out.”

Parliament at the end of last year instructed the Director of National Intelligence to provide “detailed analysis of unconfirmed aerial phenomenon data” from multiple agencies and report in 180 days. That time is just around the corner. Intelligence didn’t say last week when the full document would come out.

A bill passed by Congress tells the Director of National Intelligence that “potential enemies may have achieved groundbreaking aerospace capabilities that could endanger US strategic or conventional troops. We are looking for “every incident or pattern”.

The Pentagon officially declassified three videos showing “unidentified aerial phenomena” on Monday.

The main concern is whether hostile nations are defending the world’s largest military forces, confusing and threateningly sophisticated and bizarre aerial technology. But when lawmakers talk about it, they tend to leave themselves a little wiggle room in case it’s something else — more violent than their military rivals or you. Knows whether it is more cosmic.

“I have a lot of unanswered questions right now,” California Democrat Adam Schiff told NBC earlier this month. “If other countries have abilities we don’t know, I want to know them. If there are other explanations, I want to learn them too,” he said.

Luis Elizondo, a former head of the Pentagon’s advanced aerospace threat identification program, said he did not believe the sightings were due to foreign technology, as it was nearly impossible to keep the secret. It was. Elizondo accuses the Pentagon of trying to undermine his credibility and says there is more information the United States continues to classify.

“We live in an incredible universe,” Elizondo said. “There are all sorts of hypotheses that suggest that the three-dimensional universe we live in is not so easy to explain.”

But Skeptic editor Michael Shermer is skeptical.

A longtime analyst of UFO theory and other phenomena, a science historian said he saw too many blurry images of alien encounters that seemed unconvincing with the more blurry footage of blobs from airplanes. He says this is the time when billions of people around the world have smartphones that take crisp images and satellites accurately render details on the ground.

“Show me your body, show me the spaceship, or show me really high quality videos and photos,” he said in an interview. “And I believe.”

Mick West, a prominent scholar of unexplained phenomena and a conspiracy-theoretic rant, said it was correct for the government to investigate and report on the potential impact of sightings on national security. Currently captured in declassified video.

The unknown flying object may be a military aircraft from here, or a foreign country. However, the Pentagon rarely comes out and says that something cannot be identified. LX News spoke to Luis Elizondo, former head of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, about more context.

“Whenever there is some kind of unidentified object coming through the military airspace, it’s a real problem that needs to be investigated,” he told AP.

“But the video shows an unidentified object, but not a surprisingly unidentified object.”

Pilots and Sky-Watchers have long reported sporadic sightings of UFOs in US airspace, but their speed and orbit appear to be unusual. In most cases, those mysteries evaporate during the investigation.

In 1960, the CIA stated that 6,500 objects had been reported to the US Air Force in the last 13 years. The Air Force has concluded that there is no evidence that those sightings are “unrealistic or hostile” or related to “interplanetary spacecraft,” the CIA said.

Of course, UFO reports have been going on ever since. Some people studying this topic claim that the investigation is limited by the stigma of being linked to conspiracy theories and the story of a small green man attacking Earth. They say the government has a history of lying and hindering unexplained things.

It took 50 years for the government to offer hope to completely uncover allegations that alien bodies were recovered at the crash site in New Mexico in 1947. In 1997, the Air Force announced that Roswell’s “corpse” was Dummy used in parachute test, The recent ancestor of today’s car accident dummy.

Retired Air Force Colonel Richard Weaver, who wrote one of the official reports on Roswell’s rumors, sought to assure the public that the government was not capable of hiding the sightings of real aliens. “We’re having a hard time keeping secrets, not to mention putting together a decent conspiracy,” he said.

A recent turning point came in December 2017 when the New York Times unveiled a five-year Pentagon program to investigate UFOs. The Pentagon then released a video of a military pilot who encountered a previously leaked, shadowy object they couldn’t identify.

One was a video clip of an aviator tracking a mass above the ocean off the coast of the United States in 2015, called Gofast. Another gimbal-labeled object of the year soars high along the clouds and is tracked for unexplained objects as it moves against the wind. “There is an entire fleet of them,” says one Navy aviator to another, although only one obscure object is shown. “It’s spinning.”

Is it a UFO? On Tuesday, they captured an unidentified object floating in the sky near Harlandale Beach, Florida.

In 2019, the Navy announced that it would create a formal process for pilots to report unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs). Last August, the Pentagon established a task force dedicated to this issue. The mission was to “detect, analyze and catalog UAPs” that could endanger the United States.

In the era of increasingly sophisticated drone aircraft, it is seen as a risk to sensitive domestic military installations such as nuclear missile bases, focusing on foreign rivals rather than possible visitors from other planets. I have come. Nevertheless, the formation of the Task Force stood as a rare approval from the government that UFOs raised potential national security concerns.

Recently, a declassified video was featured in an article on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” raising questions about what information the US government has.

Rubio, a top Republican and former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said it was important for investigators to follow up on pilot reports and publish findings. “I will stop what our soldiers and their radar and their eyesight are telling them,” Rubio said. “There are several highly trained and highly capable people.”

But what is in the sky often looks different. Shermer rattles an example of how phenomena appearing in another world may be boring on this planet.

“90-95% of all UFO sightings are balloons, flares, sky lanterns, planes forming, secret military planes, sun-reflecting birds, sun-reflecting planes, meteorites, helicopters, planets Venus or Mars. , Meteorite or meteorite space junk, satellite, wetland gas … Ball lightning, Ice crystals that reflect light from clouds, light that reflects on the ground or cockpit windows, temperature reversal, Punch cloud.. “

“To make these things a reality, we need more than these grainy videos and blurry photos,” he said.

“If this is true, we really need some solid, extraordinary evidence, as this will be one of the most anomalous claims to date.”

Still, in the city of Roswell, the site of the 1947 crash, UFO enthusiasts and city leaders are eagerly awaiting the release of the report, hoping that it will trigger tourism in the city’s pandemic economy. is.

Fanita Jennings, director of public relations for the city, said: “And with visitors coming here from all over the world, I think most of the visitors we come through Roswell are also anxiously waiting.”


Associated Press video journalists Dann Huff and Nathan Elgren, and AP National Security Writer Robert Burns contributed to this report.

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