Letter to the editor: Is government hiding truth about UFOs? – Huntington Herald Dispatch

Are we alone in the universe?

The United States government recently released a report on UFOs. As usual, the government appears to be hiding more information than it is releasing.

For the last two years jet pilots have reported seeing objects on their radar. These objects seemingly outmaneuvered and out-sped our jets and had technology not of this world. These UFOs have been seen over Russia, China, and elsewhere.

The U.S. report on UFOs says that in 2019 they started an all-out effort to try and explain these last several years of UFO sightings, of which there was 144 recorded. The UFO researchers said that of these 144 sightings only one could be explained. The other 143 were a complete mystery.

The UFO report concluded that the 143 UFOs are real, that they are not ours, and that they are not from Russia, China, or elsewhere globally and that they are using unknown technology. The U.S. considers these UFOs a threat to our national security. Could it be, as reported at the time, that in the 1950s the U.S. military, in the New Mexico desert, recovered several alien space craft and bodies? These spacecraft and bodies were taken to a security area now known as Area 51. This incident was later denied by the U.S. government. This is the most restricted area in the United States.

Could it be, until further information shows otherwise, that these alien spacecraft had the advanced technology that our scientists have recovered to use in our own aircraft? Could it be that these UFOs seen over our restricted areas are the result of technology gained from the Area 51 alien spacecraft? Could it be that we are not alone in the universe?

William Huron

Chesapeake, Ohio

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