Transcript: “UFO” A Conversation with Mark Monroe & Greg Eghigian, PhD – The Washington Post

You know, really, prior to 2017, there was not a lot of recent credibility in terms of UFOs, largely because the government had stopped looking at them, and it was left to the private sector and smaller UFO organizations–UFOlogists, they call them or people who had witnessed things going to conventions. That’s really where the story was living, in The National Enquirer, right, in tabloid-style magazines. So, when The New York Times reports that the government actually has been looking at UFOs, they just haven’t been telling us about it, that suddenly changes the story dynamic completely. And so, we went immediately to the people who wrote the article, as well as kind of trying to get to the stories behind the article, where it came from, why the story was being reported now. And I think that’s–you know, where we found characters, as Greg suggests, you know, are carrying the torch here to try to get the public to look, advocating, in a sense, to try to make the story line credible. And after all, if the government thinks it’s worth looking into, maybe we should be, as well.

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