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Often we come across people who claim that they witnessed certain “flying saucers” sometime in their lives. These “flying saucers” are what we call Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO). A UFO is an aerial phenomenon that is quite difficult to identify and explain. Now the questions arise, “Are they real?”, “Can we say the presence of UFOs is proof that aliens exist?”, “What does it mean for the security of the human race?” All these and more are answered in the 4-part docuseries by JJ Abrams and Glen Zipper – UFO.

Directed by Paul Crowder and Mark Monroe and co-produced by Bad Robot and Zipper Bros Films, this documentary series will give the viewers an insight into the presence of UFOs and the fascination of witnesses by these UFOs.

Worth Watching

One of the masters in the sci-fi genre, JJ Abrams, decides to explore the UFO theories through his latest docu-series, soon after the New York Times suspected the presence of a flying disc in the town. While several Navy Pilots in the US claimed that they saw some unidentified objects in the sky, the US Defense Department fails to gather enough evidence and thus calls them “baseless rumors.” The sci-fi documentary series will try to unravel the mystery of UFOs and extraterrestrial phenomena through testimonies by eyewitnesses.

UFO On Showtime

UFO On Showtime

It will also explore the political and cultural viewpoints and how the American government, military and private companies’ interference and personal agendas hindered discovering the truth behind these conspiracies. The content of UFO bears a resemblance to Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified, a recently released series by Netflix. However, where the Netflix series took a shocking and conspiratorial approach, UFO presented the topic in a documentary style, taking video footage by NASA, interviews of witnesses, past incidents and the government’s reaction to them as the central idea.

All four parts of the docu-series were uploaded for the subscribers of Showtime at midnight on August 8, 2021. If you are a fan of science fiction documentaries and if the theories of extraterrestrial phenomenons pique your curiosity, Showtime’s latest presentation, UFO, should assist you in your quest to solve the mystery of UFOs. While it may or may not convince you about the involvement of the US government and military in contamination and concealment of facts about UFOs, the fast pace and entertainment quotient of the docu-series will be worth watching.

Potential Sequel

Season 1 of the science fiction docu-series garnered an average rating of 6.9 on IMDb (August 10, 2021). In a recent interview, the series’ makers confirmed that as of now, season 2 of UFO is off the table, as they planned to present the documentary in limited parts. Episode 1 to 4 of the docu-series is available for Showtime subscribers. Episode 1 aired on August 8, 2021, at 9:00 PM (ET). Episodes 2, 3 and 4 will air on television on August 15, August 22 and August 29, respectively.

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