Media tries, fails to convince us that Mr. Peanut-shaped UFO was a Planters ad – The A.V. Club

The intent here is obviously to laugh off the terrifying fact that not only has a UFO been spotted, plain as day, but that it’s come to us shape-shifted into the familiar form of a peanut mascot.

“It’s not a UFO, it’s not an alien,” an anchor says. “It’s, in fact, Mr. Peanut. A Mr. Peanut balloon. An advertisement!”

They laugh some more, show a clearer photo of the UFO projecting a top hat, cane, and monocle over itself, and he continues: “So, stand down. No aliens in Mississauga. Just cute ol’ Mr. Peanut.”

An unnarrated clip of the “balloon” allows us to consider the evidence for ourselves. This video—especially its dramatic music—would be absolutely hilarious if we weren’t so committed to standing, always, on the side of truth. Free of the media’s mocking tones of disbelief in our ears, we can clearly see that no explanation for this object exists but the most sensible one: The aliens are here and they’re floating around our skies disguised as cartoon nuts.

It’s time to declassify the documents regarding Mr. Peanut-shaped UFOs. We must finally munch on the truth, salty as it may be.

[via Boing Boing]

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