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A new interview has revealed that if aliens actually came from an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), or now more accurately named, an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) doesn’t have a plan.

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The interview was conducted with PBS’s “Firing Line” with former Senator and current NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, who said that the space agency doesn’t currently have a plan in place if a UFO encounter turns into an alien encounter. Nelson did say that the space agency is working with researchers and scientists exploring the possibility of alien life existing. The agency has also attempted to communicate with alien life by sending messages out into the cosmos.

Margaret Hoover asked Nelson the following question; “Does NASA have a plan for what it would do if a UAP turned out to be a space alien?” Nelson replied by saying, “No, but the first thing we’d want to do is find out is if it’s friend or foe. But we’re not to that point because we just don’t know what this phenomenon is. I think that with all of those sightings that you referenced, there’s something there. This is not an optical illusion or a radar blip that’s a mistake. So we need to find out. When you talk to those Navy pilots, they’re convinced because they saw it and they tracked it.

Nelson was then asked a follow-up question, “Given what we know about the UAPs, when is the right time, Senator, for us to come up with a plan to handle the intelligent life that we’re looking for?

The NASA Administrator replied, “Well, we better identify it first and once we identify it, then we’ll know what to do. We don’t have any idea if suddenly an alien is going to appear. This is still great speculation, but we’re in the search for life out there and this phenomenon that these Navy pilots have seen, let’s find out about it. What is it? And then we can deal with it.

How doesn’t NASA have a plan for if alien life is encountered randomly? The space agency is currently searching for signs of alien life on other planets, but hasn’t considered the possibility of what it should do if it were to encounter one randomly? Hoover noted to Nelson that the US government has “contingency plans” in place for certain situations, and when considering how long NASA has been searching for alien life, it seems quite hard to believe that there’s no plan in place if alien life decided to present itself.

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