Video images showing a mysterious optical phenomenon over Flanders: “Not a UFO, but a satellite launch” | internal – Cheraw Chronicle

Last night, just after 11 PM, an unusual light phenomenon suddenly appeared in the sky. Pictures taken by curious and/or anxious people show how a cone-shaped object or a flying triangle moves upward. The Belgian UFO hotline does not reassure, but only the Landsat 9.

“There are still reports coming in this morning,” said Frederic Delayer of UFO Hotline. Some people write in it that they are worried, although they have actually been able to notice a rather unique phenomenon: “It’s not very common to see a release like this,” DeLaire explains. “First of all, the weather must be clear.”

Watch the conversation with the UFO Belgium hotline here:

The launch was also visible in the Netherlands. “If a lot of people from a large area see the same thing, we know it’s going high in the atmosphere,” DeLaer says.

Landsat 9 was launched into polar orbit from the Vandenberg launch site in California yesterday. It is one of the most advanced Earth observation satellites that will have to provide detailed images of our Earth every sixteen days. It is a joint project of the US space agency NASA and the US Geological Survey. It has been since 1972 since the launch of the first Landsat.

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