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Linda Haley shares her personal experience with extraterrestrials to increase awareness of their objectives in ‘Arrival of the Light Beings’

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Reports of unidentified flying objects are increasing across the globe. On June 25, 2021, the Pentagon released a 9-page report to Congress on sightings by the U.S. Navy of unidentified aerial phenomena; a more extensive accounting is expected to be made public in the near future. Author Linda Haley has released “Arrival of the Light Beings: How to Prepare for the Shift and Contact with Extraterrestrials,” providing context to these reports and shedding light on the objectives of extraterrestrials and multidimensional beings. In “Arrival of the Light Beings,” Haley offers an educational experience enlightening readers on the reality of life beyond Earth which was inspired by the author’s real-life experiences. Written in the style of narrative fiction, the book is an autobiography of the author’s growing awakening and acceptance of her role in the planet’s evolution.

Since childhood, Olive Stuart had regularly experienced terrifying encounters with non-humans. On New Year’s Day 2000, those encounters became more targeted when she heard a voice declare “It’s time.” This ultimately led Olive to seek out other experiencers to better understand the increasing global interest in extraterrestrial contacts, as well as the physical, emotional and spiritual changes which were evolving in her.

The voice would continue to address her over the years, eventually introducing himself as Avratar, a Fifth Dimensional being, who explained why she had been selected to communicate their “critically important mission” to humans.

Haley’s book highlights the importance of spiritual development and how to bring purpose and meaning into one’s life. The book also discusses the relationship between the arrival of non-human visitors and the growing number of cataclysms (e.g. earthquakes, volcanoes, climate change) that are currently recorded across the globe. Most importantly, the book guides readers on how to “prepare your heart” for the shift in consciousness and awareness which will impact each person, but not understood by everyone.

With the more recent reporting’s on UFO sightings, Haley ultimately emphasizes the reasons why they are coming to Earth and why humans should not fear their arrival.

“Arrival of the Light Beings” has received numerous 5-star reviews on Amazon.

“This is a page turner that was hard to put down. I enjoyed reading about her background and well as the explanation as to why they are coming. It’s a reason I didn’t previously know. Now, I know not to be too scared, even if I get initially startled.”

“Really enjoyed this book. Easy to read and very engaging. It really resonated with me and my journey waking up to similar concepts. What really struck me were the similarities of the messages from the galactic beings mentioned here and the ones I get and others in my channeling group. . . thank you Linda for stepping up and leading by example.”

“Arrival of the Light Beings: How to Prepare for the Shift and Contact with Extraterrestrials”
By Linda Haley
ISBN: 9781982267919 (softcover); 9781982267933 (hardcover); 9781982267926 (electronic)
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Balboa Press

About the author
Linda Haley is the founder and executive director of The Reiki Center, a comprehensive natural wellness center for people and their pets. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Craniosacral Therapist and practitioner of multiple natural therapies. After decades of contacts by non-human messengers, Haley delivers their urgent appeal for greater understanding of spiritual truths, the importance of a deeper connection to Source and why these beings are now advancing toward Earth. She currently resides in Columbus, Ohio. To learn more about Haley, please visit

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