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In 1947, an unidentified flying object crashed a few kilometers from Roswell in the state of New Mexico (USA). Since then, the city has been considered the world capital of the UFO phenomenon.

Every year thousands of people flock to the site and interest has been renewed during 2021 due to the last report of the Pentagon in which admitted the existence of aerial phenomena whose cause or origin cannot explain.

Although Roswell is a municipality of only 50,000 inhabitants, it is quite well known internationally and is often full of curious tourists.

Chuck, the owner of one of the busiest stores in town, says he has met people from various countries. “I have met people from all over the world: Japan, China, Australia, England. I remember a couple who had a strong Russian accent and when they said who they were and where they came from, they had never heard of that country.”

The pilgrimage has been going on for decades, since the 1947 incident when the unknown object crashed into a nearby ranch. What was initially described as a flying saucer was later denied by the Army, which has since given different versions of what happened.

Those who follow the official narrative believe that it was a secret project later declassified as a product of the Cold War. For ufologists and their faithful, they are nothing more than government covers for the discovery of an alien ship and even extraterrestrial bodies.

Jhon Kasanovich, one of those attending the pilgrimage, claims to have seen things. “When I was in third grade, I was outside playing soccer, I saw a big light that was over the park where I lived and I ran, and I came back the next day, and there was a big ring in the grass. Nobody could explain to me what it was,” he said.

Roswell UFO fever is everywhere, including, extraterrestrial iconography can be found on the flag and emblem of the city. The truth is out there, believers say, however, for skeptics the truth is that being the world mecca of aliens is one of the main economic livelihoods of the area.

Not surprisingly, the last international UFO festival has stopped, in just four days, the visit of 20,000 people and an economic impact of half a million dollars, according to the organizers, although other sources believe that it has been lower due to the pandemic. However, these are significant figures that in the city they attribute, in large part, to the renewed interest resulting from the latest Pentagon report on this issue, published on June 25.

In the report, the US once again assures that it has not found evidence of alien technology in more than a hundred analyzed incidents, but it has not been able to rule it out either.

Possible explanations range from aerial garbage, atmospheric phenomena, to systems of adversary powers such as China or Russia. However, they have kept an annex without declassification.

The nine-page report “essentially said nothing that we hadn’t known and [que] the general public knew it too. So it’s nothing, “said Frank Kimbler, associate professor of air sciences.” Now, I’d love to see what they have returned to Congress. There was a secret part and I would love to see that part. Now why is there a secret part? That’s my biggest question, “asked the expert.

For his part, Donald Schmitt, researcher and author of ‘best sellers’, mentions that they had already “predicted that it would be nothing. That they were not going to admit any details about the reality of the phenomenon, but one thing that was very crucial that they mentioned is that it is real. the UFO phenomenon is real “. In addition, “they removed the stigma, we can no longer laugh at this. As I can openly say that we are investigating it as much as they are,” he added.

According to a poll conducted in the days leading up to the report’s release, approximately 65% ​​Americans believe in aliens. However, the Most do not consider UFOs to pose a major threat to national security. Meanwhile, a remarkable 51% are convinced that the incidents reported by the Army are probable evidence that intelligent life exists outside of our planet.

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