Luis Elizondo ran the Pentagon’s secretive UFO programme for a decade. We had some questions – British GQ

My personal opinion, which I rarely give because I have no way to substantiate this, [is] there were enough people on the inside that said, “Look, he was briefing the senior brass and you need to be careful because if you squeeze Lue too hard, you’re gonna have very, very senior people come to his defence.”

In your interviews, you tend to emphasise the interdimensional hypothesis that UAPs might not be from “outer space” but from another dimension. Do you think that the extraterrestrial hypothesis is even likely?

I think it’s just as likely as something that is interdimensional. I also think it’s possible that it’s something that has been on Earth for a very long time.

But you don’t have data that has particularly led you to think it could be interdimensional?

There’s information that both supports and negates that. What we do know is there’s a correlation with [UAPs being near or emerging from] water and then there’s also a correlation toward [UAPs appearing near] nuclear technology. 

What’s your theory about the water correlation?

Could be as simple as a fuel stop. If you wanted to warp space time, there’s only two ways to do it: lots of energy or lots of mass. So if you wanted to mine something for its energy, you would start with hydrogen, because it’s a simple element. Even though hydrogen is abundant in the universe, it’s found primarily in a gaseous state, which makes it hard because it might take you 100 years to mine a nebula cloud sufficiently to use it as fuel. There is only one type of hydrogen configuration that is super dense that’s found in the universe and that’s liquid water. So in a relatively small amount of time you can mine enough hydrogen to do whatever you need to do with literally a bucket of water.

Let’s talk about crash retrievals and debris. Do you believe we have recovered a craft?

I have been told I have to be very careful how I answer this question. I am not allowed to expound upon anything I’ve already said. What I have said is that it is my opinion, my belief – a strong belief, hint, hint – that the US government is in possession of exotic material associated with UAPs. That is all I’m allowed to say.

Do you believe organic matter or beings have been recovered?

I am respectfully going to pass on that question. There’s a couple questions that I’m really not at liberty to discuss. That’s one of them.

Do you believe these ships may be manned? 

They’re intelligently controlled, for sure, because they’re responding and reacting to our actions. That is for certain. They are absolutely intelligently controlled by something.

Is it your opinion that they’re more like drones or do you think they’ve got things inside them?

I suspect they have things inside them.

Why do you think they seem interested in military sites, nuclear sites particularly?

I’ve got some very specific theories. Nuclear technology is a gateway to understanding unlocking the atom. And once you do that, you have a potentially limitless supply of energy. It could very well be that we are a violent species that is on the cusp of understanding space-time and no longer going to be stuck in our little cage. And that could be a problem for an advanced species. Because, you know, we are not necessarily very peaceful to each other.

What’s the consensus around how these things fly?

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