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GENESEO, Kan. (KWCH) – A small Kansas town is working on becoming the next Roswell, New Mexico. In Rice County, the Geneseo Museum is inviting visitors to check out its UFO exhibit. Eyewitness News visited the small community Wednesday to see what’s inside and to learn more about an event set for this summer residents hope will bring attention to their town.

With Geneseo’s population of fewer than 300 people, members of its museum want to help bring life back to town through the museum’s UFO collection.

“We thought this would be one thing that we could do to maybe generate a little life, bring people in town,” said Geneseo City Museum Board Member Reed Rolfs.

With spacecraft history displayed in its museum, Geneseo wants to become “The UFO Capital of Kansas.”

“Well, it kind of reminds me of Roswell,” museum board member James Mullaney said. “I read some science fiction and stuff like that from time to time. It seems like it’s along those lines.”

On July 2, World UFO Day, the museum plans to hold a special event, inviting everyone to visit Geneseo.

“And we want to have a parade. We want to have people get into it and deck their riding mowers out as flying saucers spacecraft, that kind of thing, if they want to make costumes,” Rolfs said.

Mullaney said it gives Geneseo a chance to show off its history. Museum board members said they plan to make the UFO Celebration an annual event and they appreciate any spacecraft model donations for the July 2 parade.

If you’d like to donate, you can contact the Geneseo Museum at geneseocitymuseum@gmail.com.

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