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Representational image of a rocket heading towards the Moon. (Canva)Representational image of a rocket heading towards the Moon. (Canva)

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Back in 2017, the existence of the United States’ super-secret Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), which ended in 2012, was disclosed to the world. The US Defense Intelligence Agency was funding the program. Naturally, the news of a government agency spending millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money on UFO-related research attracted a lot of attention from the public.

However, the DIA has been pretty tight-lipped about what the now-defunct project really entailed. And if the recent reports around program are to be believed, they made a right decision not to disclose the details in the first place.

The Vice recently obtained documents — nearly 1,600 pages worth of them — consisting of proposals, reports and countless contracts that reveal some pretty bizarre priorities the AATIP had. While the program was covered up as a UFO-finding effort by the DIA, the report unveils publicised files that have words like traversable wormholes, stargates, antigravity devices and invisibility cloaks thrown around.

To say the least, it sounds like something out of a sci-fi fantasy! But the documents show a surprising amount of serious deliberation around these topics.

As for the invisibility cloak, the authors (names now redacted) suggested that “perfect cloaking devices are impossible because they require materials where the speed of light approaches infinity”. Cloaking devices that make objects invisible to microwave-based sensors, such as radars and motion detectors, are “definitely within reach of the present technology,” the report authors added. We’re not going to lie; this is pretty cool.


Another eccentric proposal entailed nuking the Moon! The researchers planned to look for ultralight metals in the Lunar core that are supposedly 100,000 times lighter than steel but still have the strength of steel. And to get to the Moon core, they proposed blasting a tunnel through the lunar crust and mantle with thermonuclear explosives to reach the Moon’s core. Obviously, and should we say, thankfully, this was never carried out either.

The USA’s military aspirations are well known, and it comes as no surprise that the program primarily focused on experimenting with their defence and military by employing these exotic technologies.

Luckily for the Moon, none of these ideas have come close to becoming a reality. One of the reasons these documents are so fascinating is that these programmes relied heavily on contract research conducted by Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Studies (BAASS), an arm of a private company owned by hotel magnate Robert Bigelow.

This document dump comes just three weeks after The Sun obtained over 1,500 pages of documents related to alleged UFO encounters catalogued by the AATIP.


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